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A refreshing look into what it takes to build a solid relationship. This course offers key insights, practical strategies and a dash of humour to help strengthen your marriage.

The Marriage Kit - Express

For time pressed couples, all the best of The Marriage Kit in a condensed format. A quick shot in the arm for your Marriage!

Making Families Happy

Create a happier family and home life – this is course dedicated to strengthening both the relationship between you, your partner and your children.

Benefits of The Stick Kit

Learn to work through the tough times

No one wants to live a life of anxiety or stress. Learning how to deal with challenges and times of change in your relationship can help improve your confidence, happiness and overall peace of mind.

Build unity in your relationships

Friendship is one of the most important factors of a successful relationship. Educational guidance and support can help couples gain a better understanding and appreciation of one another, helping you and your partner build lifelong unity and harmony.

Learn and practice effective communication

Research has shown that relationship education can help you and your partner improve your communication and conflict resolution skills; strengthening relationships and reducing family breakdown.

Have fun and enjoy the journey

Learning more about your better half doesn’t have to be uncomfortable and awkward, it should be a fun and uplifting experience. Taking time to appreciate qualities in each other can help you move toward a future of unity and happiness.

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Instant Online Access

The Stick Kit is an accessible and engaging service wholly online where we maintain focus on the really important stuff that can make relationships more successful in an increasingly complex world.

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Keep up with the latest news and updates

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