3 Things To Help You Survive Many Marriages To One Person

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Did you know it’s possible to have many marriages within one relationship? We go from the “newlywed marriage” of building a life together, to the “new parents marriage” of building a little one’s life together. We get to the “big family marriage” of taking our children on their journey to adulthood, and the “empty nest marriage” once we get them there. Our marriages can be completely different experiences from one stage of our life to the next, all with the same one person you love!

And with these new marriages come new challenges. Realising you’re not in the same marriage you used to be can be jarring, disconcerting and unsettling – here are some things to keep in mind to get you through your many marriages.

1. Marriage isn’t static. We often don’t expect marriages to change. We expect to be locked in to one state, so we tend to be unprepared for the change that inevitably happens. Life doesn’t stop when you get married, and neither does your personal growth. Be prepared to grow and change with your partner.

2. Marriage is a constant transition. There are a few big milestones that are difficult to ignore – your wedding day, your first child, your anniversaries. But there are far more transitions than that in any given marriage, and we’re usually blissfully unaware of that until things suddenly become harder. Pay more attention to those changing personal dynamics that can change the nature of your marriage

3. Just because you’re changing, doesn’t mean you’re struggling. We assume that because we’ve changed and we weren’t expecting it, the marriage itself is struggling. If we don’t realise that we’re simply transitioning to a new stage of our life together, it’s easy to think that it’s failing. Challenges in marriage are never welcome, but they’re an important part of our growth together.

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Francine & Byron Pirola
Francine & Byron Pirola are the authors SmartLoving Series and the founders of the Stick Kit. They have worked with thousands of couples in several countries over the past 20 years. They have been married since 1988 and have five children.
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