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The Marriage Kit

My Husband and I HIGHLY rate this course. Saturday nights we put the kids to bed (and ignored all the other things that needed attending to – dishes, laundry etc) and sat together with a bottle of wine to work through the module of the week! Within the first couple of modules we noticed huge improvements in the way we were communicating and relating to each other. Over the course of The Stick Kit journey we have discovered so much about each other despite having been together 17 years already and generally thinking we had a pretty great relationship! I will (and have already) recommended The Stick Kit to others! Flexible, rewarding and enlightening!



I’d definitely recommend to anyone, whether you’re having problems or not. The course is great fun and gives you the insights to make your relationship better for yourself and your other half.



My wife felt we really connected while we were doing The Marriage Kit. The course truly made you look at the way you treat your partner, how much time you devote to them and how other things in life get your attention and distract you from your marriage and your partner. We have learnt a lot and feel happier with ourselves and our marriage since undertaking the course. It is quite comprehensive, but it was time well spent

John. N


My husband and l learnt so much about each other as we took the time out to give The Marriage Kit a go. Since completing this course we have definitely made more time for each other and care more about the other partner’s feelings. Anyone who doesn’t take the time out to complete this are going to miss out on learning so much.



Even though our relationship is great, we found that The Marriage Kit required us to reflect and communicate on a much deeper level about our life together. It’s a wonderful gift to be able to express these thoughts to one another. It ensures that after seven years of marriage, we are getting back on the same page. The course is going to strengthen our relationship for the year ahead!



Our marriage was by no means on the rocks, but the foundations were starting to get a bit shaky. The Marriage Kit has been eye-opening and has made a massive difference in how we communicate and our level of appreciation for one another. This has had a flow-on effect to our relationship with the kids. We still have three modules to go, so can’t wait to see what exciting changes these will bring too. Eye-opening, heart-warming, unexpected. It’s highlighted all the massive strengths we already have in our marriage and given us very practical and fun tools to work on the not so good stuff.



This was an extremely insightful and informative course. I knew we had some issues to work through but the course explored many areas I have never considered were issues and made me aware of my faults and negative actions. I am sure I have grown as a person and will be a much more attentive and understanding husband. We could openly discuss and write down these problems and not shy away from them for the sake of avoiding an argument was extremely helpful and a big step forward for us.


The Marriage Kit Express

Everyone should do this course. It was so much better than we expected. We got great relevant information, didn’t feel lectured and have already implemented some of the tools – fantastic course
Rosabelle. A


You gotta give The Marriage Kit Express a go – as a guy I felt really empowered, instead of put down by the information and tips in Marriage Kit Express. I now know there is so much I can do to make sure our relationship is the best it can be


First impressions – SO glad that we decided to give Marriage Kit Express a go. It has been worthwhile and made us think outside of ourselves. We realised that we needed to do some hard work to reconnect as a couple, not just as busy parents trying to get to the end of the day.  Everyone should make this a priority, its 5 hours for your relationship that you will never regret.



Wow what a great course! We learnt a lot about us and is SO great doing something like this in the privacy of your own home. It really is an insight into behaviours and how you devote your time.



We have finished module 2. So good!!! Really enjoyed hearing about how my husband likes to be loved! After 10 years you’d think I’d know. We’re getting so much out of it. My husband tells me, he thinks about his daily appreciation about me during the day. And I know it has made me more intentional about how I treat my husband and how I want him to love me. Do it!

Kelly, WA


We completed our first module, we were surprised how well, such simple questions/activities, opened up the flood gates for us. We are learning new things about each other, even after 14 years together!



Although our marriage is great, we recently had a baby which has definitely changed things in our relationship and why we chose Marriage Kit Express. Remembering things and having to talk about us and our marriage has helped us remember that we have to make time for the two of us still.


Making Happy Families

“Brilliant material! Meaty enough without being too heavy. Didn’t think we needed this, but really glad we did it, glad to know there are tools we can use to benefit our relationship with our kids and our marriage. Thanks!”
Jason W.A

“I am so glad we had access to the Making Families Happy course, it has helped us realized the strengths in our relationship with the kids and given us practical things we can do to work on areas we avoid addressing with the kids.”
Kelly N.S.W


My husband and I are thoroughly enjoying your parenting course – Thanks for your amazing work.




You are always so informative and helpful with practical advice. I love that the information was visual and broken down into smaller pieces. It makes it easier to focus on what you need to improve on as parents. Thank you for this Justin, I can’t wait to watch the rest.



Thanks for providing this video! it’s given us the confidence and tools to be better parents. Thanks for helping us to think about our actions and words,  and what we can do to help our child’s confidence and wellbeing. Amazing!

Andrew & Karis.W


Thanks Justin. Appreciate all the practical tips!



Great work Justin – so badly needed! As a parent of a 22 and 19 year old I wish I had learned this years ago!



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